About Us

At IceSoLicious, our story is steeped in a rich and flavorful history rooted in the tropical paradise of Key West, FL. Nikky, one of the owners who shares ownership with her husband, holds a deep-rooted affection for homemade ice cream that traces back to her childhood on the island. She was captivated by the enchanting process of her mother and grandmother handcrafting ice cream from the produce in their family's garden.

Inspired by these cherished memories, the artistry of homemade ice cream, and the insisting of her husband, IceSoLicious was born. In 2010, they would begin a family-owned, local food vendor business, offering delectable frozen treats.

As our reputation for exceptional quality and enjoyable flavors grew, so did our ambitions. In response to the demand from our loyal customers, we opened a delightful ice cream parlor in the quaint city of Dacula, GA in 2012. Here, ice cream enthusiasts could step into a world of creamy indulgence, savoring the handcrafted creations that had been perfected in our factory and over generations.

In 2015, at the close of the season, circumstances would lead us to a shift, as we became caregivers for our father.  At that time we pivoted to become a seasonal ice cream delivery company. This shift allowed us to bring the magic of our homemade ice cream directly to the doorsteps of our customers, spreading joy and creating memorable moments with every sweet delivery.

Today, IceSoLicious stands as a testament to the enduring traditions and the power of family heritage. We pour our hearts into every batch of ice cream, Italian ice, gelato, and sorbets, infusing them with the same love and passion that sparked our journey. Welcome to IceSoLicious, where homemade dreams become frozen reality.